Our labs are located in Brisbane / Meanjin—home of Bluey (and Chilli of course)—and currently there are 23 airlines that fly direct to Brisbane from 74 domestic and international destinations. Once you land it's easy to find us!

Visiting us from Brisbane Airport......

Train. There are frequent Airtrains between either airport terminal and downtown, the trip takes about 22 minutes. If you know your dates of travel, and book your ticket online, the return journey is free, so travel between the airport and the city is $10.45 each way. A one way ticket to the city (Central, Roma St, Southbank, or South Brisbane stations) costs $20.90 for 1 adult, $28 for 2 adults, $33 for 3 adults, and $40 for 4 adults, children under the age of 14 travel free. From South Brisbane you can take a City-Cat or bus to the university, as described below; similarly, a train ticket to Toowong costs $21.50, and again you can catch a bus directly to the university.

Taxi. In the Domestic Terminal, taxi ranks are at both the Qantas and Virgin Blue ends of the terminal. In the International Terminal, the taxi rank is on Level 2 (Arrivals). All Brisbane taxis have standard taxi meters: the fare to the University of Queensland is ~$55; the fare to the city centre is ~$45—in either case there is an additional $3 fee for departing taxis only. (Up to date estimates can be made using either the Black and White Cabs or Yellow Cabs fare estimators.)

Coach. Con-X-ion operates services between Brisbane Airport and Brisbane Transit Centre and to the door of all CBD Hotels. Meeting all major flights 7 days a week: the shared service is $25.00 per person to the hotel door; if instead you book your own private van and driver it is $160. Book online or phone +61 13 0026 6946.

Up-to-date timetables and maps for all public transport can be found at TRANSLink.

Visiting us from the city centre...

Brisbane has integrated ticketing: a two-zone ticket will let you travel between university and the city by train, bus, or high-speed catamaran ("City Cat"). With Smart Ticketing you can use a smart phone, smart watch, go card, or credit card to tap on and off each leg of your journey. If you are a student, we strongly recommend getting a concession go card as it is 50% cheaper than full fare.

City Cat. All have free wireless (and eduroam!). There is a ferry stop at Toowong at the Regatta Hotel and four ferry termini downtown: North Quay (that's pronounced "North Key" for our American friends), South Bank, Gardens Point, or Eagle St. From any of these take the upriver ferry to the University of Queensland stop (see this map). City Cats leave every half-hour off-peak, and far more often during peak times, either use the City Cat trip planner, or check the timetable.

Bus. There are two bus corridors to UQ.
East corridor     This is by far the quickest option: it is via the Green Bridge (officially the Eleanor Schonell Bridge but no-one calls it that).
* Take the 66 to the UQ Lakes Stop: services depart every eight minutes during peak times and ten minutes during off-peak times on weekdays; every 20 minutes on weekends. If you're downtown, start from King George Square station 2E; if you're at South Bank, start from the Cultural Centre Bus Station, Platform 2 (the Eastern one). (Get your kicks with Route 66 timetable & map).
West corridor
* The 402, 411, or 412 buses to Chancellor's Place, UQ. One leaves every 20 minutes or so. Catch the 411 from Ann Street Stop 12 at City Hall and the 412 from Roma Street Stop 138 near Ann St. (411 timetable; 412 timetable; to see maps click "Show Map" at screen right).
* The 444 BUZ to Toowong (Benson St Stop, near Glen Rd). The 444 leaves at least every 10 minutes during peak times, at least every 15 minutes during off-peak times, seven days a week. As described above for the trains, from Toowong you can either catch the bus, City Cat, or walk. Catch the 444 from the Roma Street Stop 121 at Police HQ. (444 timetable & map).

Train. There are two train corridors to UQ. The west corridor is longer, but—tip for a hot day—it involves no hills and slightly less walking through campus!
East corridor
Take a train that runs on the Beenleigh, or Yeerongpilly lines (the SE red line in this map), and get off at Park Road (4th stop from Central Station, accessibility map). Trains leave frequently. From Park Road you can either:
* Walk 81m to the Boggo Road Bus Station and catch the 209 bus direct to the University of Queensland, then walk 315 m through UQ, or
* Walk about 1.7 km to UQ, first west along Boggo Road, then turn left onto Annerley Road, then walk down the Green Bridge Busway to the Green Bridge, cross it, then walk 315 m through UQ.
West corridor
Take any of the Ipswich, Rosewood, or Springfield trains (the SW green and teal lines in this map), and get off at Toowong (4th stop from Central Station, accessibility map). Trains leave frequently. From Toowong you can either:
* Walk 157m to Benson St at Toowong, stop 14, and catch the 402, 411, or 412 directly to Chancellor's Place at the University of Queensland, or
* Walk 494m to the Regatta ferry terminal, and catch the City Cat to UQ (see above), or
* Walk about 1.5 km to UQ, first along Gailey Rd, then turn left at Sir Fred Schonell Drive, the university is at the end of the Drive.