October 22–25, 2012  

Abstracts Due: Friday 13 July 2012  
Register by: Wednesday 15 August 2012  

Invited Speakers (30 mins + 10 min discussion) Title
Sean Barrett, Imperial, UK Simulating Quantum Fields with Cavity QED
Steve Bartlett, University of Sydney Robust cluster-state quantum computing
Mike Biercuk, University of Sydney Engineering quantum interactions between atoms with light
Warwick Bowen, University of Queensland Breaking the quantum limits of sensing in optomechanical devices
Michael Bromley, University of Queensland Sagnac interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates
Ben Buchler, Australian National University Fun times with hot and cold gas: quantum memory in rubidium vapour
John Close and/or Nick Robins, Australian National University Precision inertial sensing using high flux squeezed atom laser sources
Matthew Davis, University of Queensland "Atomtronics" with ultra-cold atoms
Andrew Doherty, University of Sydney Microwave quantum optics with the dynamical Coulomb blockade
Dave Kielpinski, Griffith University Single atoms as quantum photonic devices
Andre Luiten, University of Western Australia Quantum-Fibre Hybrid Devices
Jonathan Matthews, University of Bristol Integrated quantum photonics for quantum information science
David Reilly, University of Sydney Photons, Phonons, and Dispersive Coupling of Semiconductor Qubits to Microwave Resonators
Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop and/or Mark Baker, University of Queensland Time averaged optical traps with an all-optical BEC
Tom Stace, University of Queensland Time dependent steady states of driven system
Michael Tobar, University of Western Australia High-Q resonator technology at milliKelvin temperatures for quantum measurement applications
Lincoln Turner, Monash University Quantum photonic interfaces to spinor condensates for sensing and simulation
Till Weinhold, University of Queensland Engineering photon sources for quantum memories and quantum simulations

Contributed Speakers (20 mins + 5 min discussion) Title
Chris Billington, Monash University The automatic lab: a better control and analysis system for quantum science experiments
Cyril Branciard, University of Queensland Does one need to align and calibrate quantum devices?
Igor Bray, Curtin University Recent Progress in Quantum Theory
Jared Cole, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology The limits of quantum optics theory when applied to circuit-QED systems: quantum optics vs. condensed matter, a battle of formalisms.
Tim Duty, University of New South Wales Parametric down-conversion of microwave photons using superconducting circuits
Alessandro Fedrizzi, University of Queensland Coherent photonic quantum interfaces
Ian Petersen, University of New South Wales Frequency locking of an optical cavity using a time-varying Kalman filtering approach
Charles Ironside, University of Glasgow Magneto-optical atomic traps employing micro-fabricated gratings
Thomas Meany, Macquarie University Laser written quantum integrated photonics
Moritz Nagel, University of Western Australia Ultra-Stable Cryogenic Optical Resonators
Geoffrey Pryde, Griffith University Linear Optics
Lars Tonberg, Chalmers University Undoing measurement-induced dephasing in circuit QED
Chris Vale, Swinburne University Precise probing of Quantum Gases
Robert Ward, Australian National University Opto-mechanics and Gravitational Wave Detectors

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